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“250 TikTok Employees Face Layoffs in Ireland”

Dublin: TikTok, the social media giant, is undergoing a significant workforce reduction in Ireland, with approximately 250 employees facing dismissal as part of the company’s reorganisation efforts. In February, TikTok announced plans to cut 300 jobs in Ireland alone, where it previously employed around 3,000 individuals.

While TikTok initially indicated that the majority of affected employees would have the opportunity to continue with the company, reports suggest that fewer than 300 employees will ultimately lose their jobs. However, concerns have arisen among those facing dismissal regarding the fairness of the criteria used for termination.

Allegations from Dismissed Employees

Dismissed employees have raised concerns about the handling of their termination, alleging that the company employed deceptive tactics in the dismissal process. They claim that a proficiency test was administered to employees in November, the results of which were withheld until February, just prior to the announcement of layoffs. Employees assert that they were not informed of the test’s significance and were caught off guard by the subsequent termination notices.

Furthermore, employees allege that the dismissal process was conducted insensitively, coinciding with celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day and the company’s anniversary events. They characterise the termination process as lacking transparency and fairness.

Company Response

In response to these allegations, TikTok has denied any wrongdoing, stating that the proficiency test was a routine assessment conducted across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. A spokesperson for TikTok emphasised that such assessments are standard practice within the company and are not indicative of impending terminations. However, the company’s response has not assuaged the concerns of dismissed employees regarding the fairness and transparency of the dismissal process.

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