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Filipino nurses open a sushi bar and cafe in Cork

CORK: Two Filipino nurses will open a new cafe in Cork tomorrow that serves sushi and traditional Filipino desserts. Spillane’s corner shop, which has been closed for five years, is set to reopen on Sunday by two nurse families with the goal of serving the finest Filipino cuisine in town. As the empty corner shop turns into the newest sushi bar and cafe, Sensei Sushi, the Dyke Parade in Cork City is expected to reactivate.

Considering their lucky number ‘1’ and the fact that they will start on August 1st, Ryan and Christina, two nurses who work with COPE, will offer €1 coffee to celebrate.

The entrepreneurs wish to deliver a new cultural experience for Cork’s immigrants and natives by providing “great food, old-school hospitality.”

Ryan and Christina, both in their 30s, worked as nurses in Kuwait for a year before relocating to Ireland with their ten-year-old son Cairo. Ryan said that the people of Cork have greeted them warmly and are excited to share their cuisine and culture with them.

“We’re going to be offering the best sushi experience you can have in Ireland and food that you can’t get anywhere else in Cork – traditional dishes and desserts from the Philippines,” Ryan said.

Ryan hopes that the Sensei will become a social hub for Filipinos in Cork, a community of about 2,000 people. “All of our staff are from the Philippines, we’re a very tight-knit group and I believe in our work ethic and our hospitality, just like Cork people we are very centred around family, community, and of course, food,” he said.

“One is our lucky number after it took us so long to find this premises and work our way around Covid-19 restrictions, were at 1 Dyke Parade, we’re opening on the 1st – so we are selling €1 drinks for good luck,” Ryan said.

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