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A Pathway to Employment in Ireland, Understanding Stamp 1G…

Are you a graduate student in Ireland currently holding a Stamp 2 visa? If so, it’s important to be aware of Stamp 1G, which permits you to seek employment in Ireland under the Third Level Graduate Programme, subject to certain conditions.
The Stamp 1G is typically granted for 12 months, with an exception for those who have completed a master’s degree program. In such cases, an additional 12 months may be provided, subject to meeting certain conditions.
Employment Conditions for Graduates
While holding a Stamp 1G, you are permitted to work full-time following employment law requirements. It’s important to note that you are not allowed to operate a business or be self-employed during this period. Suppose you wish to continue working after your Stamp 1G expires. In that case, you will need to find a job that requires an employment permit and follow the standard application process with the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment.
It’s worth mentioning that while on Stamp 1G, your other permissions and conditions remain the same as those for Stamp 2. This means that you can continue to enjoy the benefits and opportunities that come with your current visa status.


Spouse/De Facto Partner of Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder or Researcher
Apart from graduate students, Stamp 1G may also be granted to spouses or de facto partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) holders or researchers in the State on Hosting Agreements. This stamp allows the holder to take up employment in Ireland without the need to obtain a separate employment permit.
The employment conditions for spouses and de facto partners of CSEP holders or researchers on a Hosting Agreement are as follows:
● Permitted to work in Ireland without requiring a work permit
● Permitted to undertake courses of study within the country
● Not permitted to establish or operate a business
● Not permitted to be self-employed
When holding a Stamp 1G as a spouse or de facto partner, it is important to note that the registration must be renewed annually. After five years on Stamp 1G, you may become eligible to apply for a Stamp 4.
Reckonable Residence for Citizenship/Naturalisation
An interesting aspect to note is that the periods spent on Stamp 1G, whether as a graduate student or a spouse/de facto partner of a CSEP holder or researcher, are considered reckonable residence. This means that these periods can be considered when applying for Citizenship/Naturalisation in Ireland.
Stamp 1G provides a valuable opportunity for graduate students and eligible spouses or de facto partners to explore employment prospects in Ireland. It serves as a stepping stone towards long-term residency and potential citizenship in this vibrant country.
Remember, it is essential to stay informed of the specific conditions and requirements related to your visa status. The Irish immigration authorities and relevant government departments can provide further guidance and answers to any queries you may have regarding Stamp 1G and its implications.
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