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Apple’s four new phones have hit the market

Apple has released four new iPhones, including the new ‘Mini’ version. The iPhone 12 has a flat design similar to the new iPhone 4 and 5 models. Apple’s design is considered to be one of the best and most aesthetic factor. The phones are designed to be eco-friendly.

All four phones have 5G connectivity, better cameras and better screens. They are made in such a way that even if they fall down accidentally, nothing will happen. The handset also comes with a charging cable.

The iPhone 12 Pro is available in 5.4 inches, the iPhone 12 Mini (starting at 815 euros), the 6.1 – inch iPhone 12 (starting at 913 euros), the 6.1 – inch iPhone 12 Pro (starting at 1,160 euros), and the 6.7 – inch iPhone 12 Pro Max (starting at 1,260 euros).

The uniqueness and novelty is that all devices will have Apple’s latest chip, the A14 Bionic. The iPhone 12 Pro Max model has a Lidar scanner, as it is included in some current iPad Pro models.

Last year’s popular iPhone 11 is also on the market, priced at; €697. Apple now has models ranging from €499 (iPhone SE) to over €1,600 (iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB).

Apple has also announced a new ‘Homepod Mini’ speaker. But it does not sell in Ireland.

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