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Belgium no longer offers asylum to male refugees

Brussels: The Belgian government has announced that single male refugees will no longer be granted asylum in Belgium. The Belgian government cites a lack of accommodations as the reason for such a decision. The suspension has been in effect since yesterday.

Government sources have assessed that Belgium is facing a severe refugee crisis. The number of people seeking asylum in the country has increased faster than last year, and the country is concerned about the influx of male refugees from Morocco, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Nicole de Moor, State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, stated that in recent years, Belgium has seen a “growing influx of families and children” seeking asylum.

“Belgium has been doing more than its fair share for a long time,” said De Moor. This cannot continue because 19,000 refugees have registered in Belgium this year, while only 1,500 have sought asylum in Portugal, a country with a similar population to Belgium.

De Moor mentioned Sweden as another country with very few asylum applications and said that illegal immigration pressure in Europe had increased overall this year.

In June, EU countries met to agree on a long-term review of refugee rules. It aims to share the burden of hosting refugees across the European bloc. However, major member states such as Italy and France have refused to bear its burden. The deal is also said to be likely to receive approval from the European Parliament.

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