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Brexit: Hauliers and motorists are warned of delays around Dublin Port Tunnel from 1 January

DUBLIN: Hauliers and motorists have been warned that delays around the Dublin Port Tunnel are expected from January 1 due to possible traffic congestion related to Brexit. Contingency plans have been drawn up to reduce the impact of traffic congestion on the port and nearby roads.

There are also plans to launch a new traffic management system from 2021 to address Brexit-related traffic delays at major ports, tunnels and motorways across the country. A colour coded traffic light system will take effect if traffic is rapidly increasing.

Other measures are also included, such as: enhanced traffic spacing at the entrance of the Northern Dublin Port Tunnel, a queue management system for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) on M50 Northbound approach to M1/M50 Junction and on M1 southbound, and also additional HGV parking space at motorway service areas on the M1 (both northbound and southbound).

Off-line Emergency HGV Parking, turn-around facility at Tunnel Slip to Dublin Port (Promenade Road), and assistance of An Garda Síochána and motorway service operators will also be considered.

More than 200 cameras at the Motorway Operations and Control Centre at the Port tunnel will monitor traffic flows around the port, at the Jack Lynch tunnel in Cork and on the country’s main motorways.

The Director of Network management at Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Pat Maher said that they will advise drivers to adopt certain approaches to the tunnel. ‘”We’ll be asking drivers coming down the M1 and M50 to avail of additional truck parking spaces provided in motorway service areas,”’ Mr. Maher added.

Hildegarde Naughton TD, Minister of State for Transport said users of Dublin Port should prepare for potential congestion and traffic diversions from next month.

”There will be delays, we know that deal or no deal, and that’s why we have prepared contingency plans for 1 January,” he said. At the same time, he added that it is important to ensure the free movement of goods from the port.

”We know that Brexit is a challenge for our hauliers, and thank them for their cooperation in ensuring they have the correct documentation to enter the port and that they follow the alerts and signage provided,” the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said.

Meanwhile, Government advised Hauliers to check the latest traffic rules and requirements for import and export controls by visiting the website, gov.ie.

Traffic congestion information will also be given by national websites, including: www.dublinport.ie; www.dublintunnel.ie and www.hgv.ie. It is learned that the Dublin City Council’s ‘Live Drive’ radio station will also be regularly updated (1032FM).

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