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Can Dublin drink water? A water shortage awaits…

Dublin: Dublin is grappling with a pressing water scarcity issue, attributed to a failure to adequately prepare for population growth, according to a recent study.

The study reveals that the capacity of the water supply infrastructure in Dublin has not kept pace with the burgeoning demand in the city, which serves as the main urban hub and capital of the Irish island. Currently, Dublin consumes 628 million litres of water daily, surpassing the system’s production capacity by 13 million liters. The demand for water continues to escalate annually.

Last year alone, 120,000 new water connections were established in Dublin, reaching the maximum capacity of the Irish water supply network. The influx of tens of thousands of newcomers into Dublin, spanning four municipalities, further exacerbates the strain on water resources. Many of these newcomers engage in frequent bathing habits, doubling the water consumption compared to the indigenous population, who typically bathe less frequently.

The Water Forum cautions that without a comprehensive long-term strategy to enhance water storage and distribution systems, Dublin faces an imminent scarcity of drinking water. Urgent implementation of a national water conservation strategy is imperative to avert potential hardships for Dublin’s residents.

The Water Forum emphasises the necessity for the government to augment the capacity of the water system promptly. Dr. Matt Crowe, Chair of the Water Forum, underscores the urgency of expediting such measures and exploring alternative approaches to address the crisis.

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