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Car burst into flames while running; passengers miraculously escaped

CLARE: Three people luckily escaped from the car that caught fire while running. The incident occurred on the busy M18 motorway in County Clare at around 4.30pm on Friday. The motorway had to be closed so emergency services could safely deal with the burning car and traffic resumed at around 5.10pm.

The BMW car caught fire between junction 11 at Dromoland and junction at Killoo, Clarecastle. The driver and three passengers somehow jumped out and escaped. The fire also spread to timber fencing at the side of the motorway and there was heavy smoke.

Units of Clare County Fire and Rescue Service from Ennis and Shannon stations were at the scene for the rescue along with garda. The motorway was quickly closed and traffic diverted off the route.

Meanwhile, a collision between a car, a tractor and a trailer on the diverted route also caused panic. As a result of that collision traffic had to be rerouted by the village of Quin. However, no one was seriously injured.

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