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Court fined a foreign couple €1,000 each for organising a house party in breach of the Covid regulations

Drogheda: The court convicted the foreign couple of having held a House Party to celebrate the lockdown without following the restrictions on Covid.

The two were fined €1,000 each for hosting house party in defiance of Covid guidelines set by the government for the good of the community.

Juztyna Orkwiszewski and her husband, Krsystof Orkwiszewski, organized a party on May 16 at their home in Kells, Meath, in violation of lockdown rules.

The case was charged by Garda under the Health Act of 1947.

Garda arrived at the scene after receiving information that a house party was being held in Kells without following the rules. An inspection by the Garda found that more than 30 people had been invited to the party.

Garda said there were six people sitting around the table inside the house, 10 on the top floor of the house, another 10 inside the house, and 10 others in the garden.

Sergeant Kevin Mooney told the court that Garda had since filed a lawsuit against the couple and their daughter from Poland.

The court has now given its verdict in the May 16 incident.

Solicitor Miriam Reagan said several house parties were held in Kells on the same day. Miriam acknowledged Ms. Orkwiszewski was a front line worker and should have known better the guidelines.

The court did not accept any of Orkwiszewski’s claims that her work was in danger. Judge Cormac Dunne found that it was a big mistake to disobey the law and ordered the defendants to pay a fine of €1,000 each.

Even at this time of increasing Covid spread in Ireland, many people, including Keralites, are illegally organizing house parties in different parts of the country.

In any case, the court’s sentence for this couple would be a lesson to everyone.

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