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Covid-19; 20 more deaths in Northern Ireland

Within the past two days, Northern Ireland has confirmed more 20 Covid related deaths.

Since the eve of Christmas, the Northern Ireland Department of Health had reported 998 positive cases. There have been a total of nearly 65,000 confirmed cases and 1,260 deaths related to Covid-19.

The figures come as a six-week lockdown begins in the North to stop the spread of the virus, with the closure of non-essential shops and services such as hairdressers and barbers.

There will be only delivery service available in pubs and restaurants. From next week onwards, essential retailers must close their shops by 8 pm. There are restrictions in place for the number of people too.

Meanwhile, indoor and outdoor gatherings are banned between 8pm and 6am.

The measures were re imposed because of the sudden hike in the number of cases, despite of two lockdowns. Even the hospitals across the region are running with 105% capacity.

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