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Covid cases are rising sharply in Limerick; additional testing facilities have been established in the county

Limerick: As the Covid outbreak intensified, more testing facilities were set up in Limerick.

HSE’s Midwest Community Healthcare had announced the launch of a new system with three testing bays at the grounds of St. Joseph’s Health Campus on Mulgrave Street, near Limerick City Center.

HSE has decided to increase the number of bays to seven in the coming days and to conduct up to 700 tests per day if required.

People who refer to GP will get free check-in at the centers. The centers will be open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

Additional testing facilities were set up following Acting CMO, Dr. Ronan Glynn’s concerns about the steep rise in Covid cases in Limerick.

In two weeks, 122 Covid cases were reported in Limerick. Limerick is in the third position where most of the covid cases were confirmed in Ireland.

So far 861 cases have been reported in Dublin and 146 in Kildare.

HSE Midwest Community Healthcare Chief Officer Maria Bridgeman said the new checkpoint would be very useful in an area that is easily accessible to the public.

Maria said those who have been instructed to check the Covid should take advantage of the service of the new center.

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