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Covid death in Europe has crossed four lakhs

The Covid death toll in Europe has risen to more than 400,000. Covid has the worst hit in Europe after the United States.

According to figures released by the FP, 400,649 people have died of Covid in Europe so far. With the opening of shops in European countries ahead of Christmas, there are fears that the spread of the disease and mortality rates may soar again.

Two-thirds of Covid deaths in Europe were reported in Briton at 57,551. In Italy, 53,677 people were reported to have died of Covid, 51,914 in France and 44,668 in Spain.

Despite the sharp rise in morbidity and mortality, there have been protests demanding the lifting of Covid restrictions imposed in various European countries.

At the same time, the debt markets in France and Poland have reopened, although there has been no decline in the spread of the disease and the mortality rate.

The government has allowed shops to open in Belgium from December 1. The current partial lockdown will continue in Belgium until mid-January. Countries like Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are making similar decisions.

Meanwhile, the Irish government has given permission to reopen some businesses from December 1, just before Christmas. The government has also announced more concessions for Christmas gatherings.

The total number of Covid cases in Germany on Friday exceeded one million.

At the same time, the spread of the disease in Europe remains at a dangerous level, although there is some relief from the spread of the disease due to strict controls.

Last week, more cases were confirmed in Europe than in the United States. European countries are also looking forward to the coming winter with a bit of frear.

Experts warn that winter outbreaks could be fatal and that a third wave of Covid is likely in Europe.

There are currently more than 13 million Covid cases reported in the United States. Meanwhile, Covid numbers are skyrocketing in Asia and Latin America.

At the same time, the total number of Covid cases in the world has crossed 61 million. More than 1.4 million people have died from Covid infection. However, reports says that the numbers are even higher.

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