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Covid multiplying at a rapid pace, breaking the record one more day; Level 4 restrictions in 4 counties

Government order prohibiting visits to neighboring houses or other people’s homes except for essential reasons such as child care.

The cabinet has decided to ban all domestic visits across the country.

The cabinet also approved the move to push the counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan to the level four. Home visits will no longer be allowed in these counties and indoor gatherings will be banned.

Non-essential retail outlets will also have to close. However, there is some discussion about the exemption of essential outlets.

According to figures released by the Department of Health, 1,095 new cases of Covid were confirmed till now- the highest number ever reported in a 24-hour period in the country.

This brings the total number of Covid cases in Ireland to 45,243 and the death toll to 1,835.

There are 246 Covid cases in Dublin, 185 in Meath, 128 in Cavan, 118 in Cork, 63 in Kildare and 342 in all other counties.

Most of the hospitals in the country are filled with Kovid-19 patients. The ICU beds at Cork University Hospital and Mercy Hospital are currently fully filled.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris advised children to make Halloween celebrations different and safe in the face of the Covid threat. The minister warned that no trick or treat is suitable for Halloween this time.

Covid-19 is spreading all around the world in a faster manner, new restrictions are imposed in many places. France has ordered for Nightly curfew in Parries and eight other major cities from Saturday onwards.

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