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Covid outbreak at Regional Hospital, Mullingar

Sever Covid has been confirmed in the ward of the Regional Hospital in Mullingar. Reports says that several patients admitted to the ward has tested positive for Covid-19.

With this, the hospital ward was temporarily closed forbidding the admission and discharge of new patients. At the same time, the care and treatment of existing patients in the ward will continue without any problem.

Further inspections and contact tracing are in progress as per the guidelines of the Health Protection Surveillance Center. Employees who have been in close contact with Covid patients were also placed under surveillance.

The hospital authorities has said that appropriate steps have been taken in accordance with the national guidelines relating to covid.

Public health care is of paramount importance to the hospital and all efforts are being made to reduce the spread of Covid, hospital officials said.

The hospital authorities also warned the public that newly announced government regulations must be followed to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. They also said that people should contact nearest GP immediately if any symptoms appear.

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