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Covid Vaccines will be delayed: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it does not expect widespread vaccination against the corona virus until mid – 2021.

There have been reports of vaccines being discovered in many countries, including Russia, but the organization says that Covid-19 vaccine won’t be a reality anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the Covid virus, which has killed 870,000 people worldwide, continues its horror. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been admitted to hospital as he was tested positive for Covid-19.

David Nabarro, the World Health Organization’s special envoy for Covid-19, said there is no need of over-expectation regarding the vaccine. He told Times Radio, UK that it may took some time to prepare the antidote and maybe the world has to wait until 2022.

The entire world is looking forward for the vaccine, because within a short span of time the virus has made severe damage to the entire world.  But the recent statements from the WHO rejects such high hopes on Covid vaccine.

The World Health Organization says that a lot of scientists around the world are in the final stages of testing for a vaccine. How WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said that the vaccine won’t be out until the mid of 2021.

World Health Organization (WHO) President Tedros Adanom Gebrias says the vaccines will not be approved unless it is effective and safe.

Countries around the world must unite to fight the corona virus. A total of 170 countries, including 78 rich countries, have already joined the Covacs Global Vaccine Allocation Program, the WHO Director-General said.

Meanwhile, Russia has already approved a vaccine and research published in the Lancet Medical Journal following the development of antibodies without serious side effects.

It was tested on just 76 people so the scientists have warned that this could not be considered effective.

The White House has called on U.S. states to make the vaccine available before the November 3 election. The administration of President Donald Trump is in a hurry to distribute the vaccine.

Scientists are put under a lot of pressure because, under normal circumstances, test administrators may have to wait months or years to verify that vaccines are safe and effective or not, but in the case of Covid, the situation is as fast as it gets.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly discussed the Covid-19 vaccine at a virtual meeting with EU countries. Various groups in Ireland are still carrying out experiments for the vaccine.

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