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Criminal convictions will be avoided for minor cannabis possession offences

Criminal convictions will be avoided from today, for those who are caught with a small amount of cannabis for personal use.

People will be avoided from a criminal conviction for the above mentioned reason if they admit the offence and accept an adult caution. 

It was today, that the gardaí said that the offence is one amongst the four which have been approved the adult cautioning scheme by the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

This is the first time ever that a drug offence cannot be considered as a criminal offence.

According to the Adult Cautioning Scheme, a person could avoid criminal conviction even if he has made a mistake.

The new rule can be used for minor offences such as being drunk and disorderly, theft, damage to or handling of stolen property worth less than €1,000 or failure to comply with the directions of a Garda in certain circumstances. 

Simple possession of cannabis for personal use, trespass likely to cause fear, casual trading such as selling hats or scarves at a match and breaching a barrier at an event were also included in the scheme today.

For the ones who are arrested for these cases will be now provided with the option of admitting the offence and accepting an Adult Caution. Which means that the act wont be recorded or considered as a criminal offence. It will not have any detrimental effect on Garda vetting or visa applications. 

This scheme aims to provide first time minor offenders one last chance to avoid damaging their reputations or their future.

The scheme is designed to give first time minor offenders one chance to avoid damaging their reputations or future prospects. The scheme could only be used once.

It is administered under the direction of a Garda Superintendent. The scheme also helps gardaí save the time, effort and cost of proving an offence and bringing someone before the courts.

An adult caution can only be used in the prescribed case, cases related to any other illegal drug wont be eligible for the scheme.

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