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Deadline to accept WhatsApp’s new policy is May 15; messages cannot be read or sent unless the user agrees

DUBLIN: WhatsApp has made it clear that users will not be able to read or send messages after May 15 unless they agree to the new terms and conditions of the application.

WhatsApp had informed users about this earlier this year, but the company had to extend the implementation of its new policy as it caused confusion and concern among some users, as no warning had been received earlier. The date was extended to 15 May to give people enough time to review the new changes and conditions.

People will have a chance to agree even after the deadline and resume full operation. But WhatsApp warned that inactive accounts will normally be deleted after 120 days.

The American platform has said that customers will receive a banner alert when opening the application in the coming weeks. Users who do not agree to the new terms will receive calls and notifications for a short period of time, but texting is not possible, the company said.

Many WhatsApp users had stopped using the app and switched to other platforms for fear of losing their privacy through the company’s new policy. There was a lot of protest on social media for the company’s hasty decision.

Following this, the company revealed that the new policy will focus on changes needed to allow users to send messages to businesses on WhatsApp. The company also said that the update will not allow WhatsApp or Facebook to read or listen to messages sent by users.

“Most of us don’t read the terms and conditions before accepting updates and getting on with using our messaging or other apps. If we do read them, we’re unlikely to understand every aspect of the precise legal wording,” said Dr Bill Mitchell, director of policy from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

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