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Death of Seema Banu: Family strongly believes that Seema was murdered

DUBLIN: The family of Seema Banu, who was found dead inside her home in Ballinteer, strongly believe that she was murdered. Seema’s family may travel from India to Ireland to review the progress of the investigation and to file an appeal.

However, it is known that Seema’s parents are too elderly to travel, but a younger family member will come to Ireland to visit the grave and to appeal for information in the case.

Seema and her children Asfira Riza (11) and Faizan Syed (6) were found dead in their home in Llewellyn Court, Ballinteer, on Wednesday, October 28.

Although garda has confirmed that the children were killed, Seema’s death has not yet been confirmed. Post-mortem revealed that Seema’s body was found to have been fatally injured, and Garda’s investigation is progressing in such a way that death could have been a murder.

Detectives are also investigating the murder. Meanwhile, Garda has questioned the suspect in the deaths of the three but no significant progress has been made so far. In addition, an investigation focusing on CCTV footage and mobile phone information is in progress.

But Garda said the investigation was more challenging because the body had been discovered days after they had died.

At the same time, the family believes that Seema will never commit suicide and that her death was a murder. Seema’s brother Mohammad Ghazan told the Indian media this week that the killer should be found and punished.

The bodies of Seema and her children were buried Friday in Newcastle Cemetery. Seema’s family wanted the remains to be brought to India for burial, but her husband Sameer was not interested.

The Indian Embassy had arranged a live video feed for the family members to watch the funeral live. About a thousand people came to their home in Mysore to watch funeral ceremonies on a special screen.

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