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Department of Social Protection with new arrangements; those eligible will receive PUP “as quickly as possible” – Minister Humphreys

DUBLIN: The Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said new arrangements have been put in place to process new applications submitted by people for Pandemic Unemployment Payments (PUPs) over the Christmas period.­­­

Tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs again as the government announces it will return to Level 5, albeit with some modifications. Minister Humphreys says the government’s stand will be of great help to these people.

Minister Humphreys said the new arrangements were aimed at getting the PUP as soon as possible to those who are eligible for income support. This will benefit those who apply for payment throughout the Christmas period.

Those who have submitted new applications for PUP till yesterday will get their payment on December 24.

Those who apply for PUP on December 23 will get payment on the 30th and those who apply on December 24 will get the payment on the 31st. Those who apply for PUP on December 25 will be paid on January 5, the normal PUP payment date.

The minister said the government will definitely be there to help those who lose their jobs in the coming days. “I have put arrangements in place for people who will be losing their jobs at this very difficult time and officials in my Department will be working throughout the Christmas period so that applications will be processed without delay,” the minister said.

“In order to process applications as quickly as possible, I would urge everybody to apply online. The quickest and easiest way to apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is online via MyWelfare.ie,” he added.

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