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Did the UN deceive the world? Allegedly that Hamas terrorists were helped; US and Britain stopped funding to the UN agency

Dublin: Several prominent nations, including Australia, Italy, Finland, Canada, the US, and the UK, have halted funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees, alleging connections between the agency and Hamas, accusing the latter of supporting terrorists. Israel has further implicated UNRWA officials in direct involvement in the October 7 attack by Hamas, prompting an ongoing investigation.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, uncovering alleged fraud within the UN agency, has called for a ban on UNRWA’s operations in Gaza. In contrast, Deputy Prime Minister Micheal Martin, also Ireland’s Foreign Minister, affirmed Ireland’s commitment to continue funding the UN agency, with last year’s contribution amounting to 18 million euros.

Despite the funding halt from some nations, political parties in Ireland, including Fianna Fail, maintain an indirect pro-Palestinian stance. The leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin, along with parties like the Labour Party, People Before Profit, and Sinn Féin, align with a pro-Palestinian position. However, there are concerns in Ireland that certain media outlets propagate a biassed view in favour of Hamas, with accusations of receiving funding from Qatar and Kuwait for religious activities in Europe. This allegation is particularly targeted at groups participating in anti-Israel demonstrations.

UNRWA’s Commissioner General, Philip Lazzarini, has announced the suspension of employees implicated in aiding Hamas. Despite the controversy, Martin emphasised Ireland’s commitment to supporting UNRWA, noting the agency’s vital role on the humanitarian front. He highlighted that UNRWA’s 13,000 staff members operate in challenging conditions, providing life-saving assistance to 2.3 million people. In the past four months, over 100 agency staff have lost their lives in the line of duty. Established in 1949 after the Arab-Israeli war, UNRWA extends its assistance not only to Gaza but also to the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Despite acknowledgment from the UN regarding some members engaging in religious terrorist activities against Israel, Martin emphasised Ireland’s refusal to compromise in the face of terrorism.

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