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Does Cork follow the same way of Dublin? COVID cases on the rise in Cork; One-fifth of cases are related to pubs and restaurants

After Dublin, COVID patients are also on the rise in Cork. Especially cases related to pubs and restaurants. This is of concern to the health department and pub owners alike.

The latest figures show that one in five cases reported in Cork is related to pubs and restaurants. The main problem is that people are reluctant to comply with the COVID regulations, whether in pubs or restaurants.

We can keep COVID away if we are maintaining social distance and careful not to be in the crowd. But the problem is that the rules are not strictly followed, said the Acting CMO Dr. Ronan Glynn.

The total number of COVID patients in Cork has risen to 364 in the past two weeks. The Acting Chief Medical Officer said all of this was worrying. Of these, 70 cases are related to pubs and restaurants.

The rate of COVID-19 in Cork is rising rapidly. Cork is following the same way as Donegal and Dublin. However, Dr. Ronan Glynn has made it clear that there are no plans to move to level 3 level restrictions. But government sources said the decision may change in the coming days.

Michael O’Donoghue, local branch chairman of the Winters Federation of Ireland, said it was disappointing that 70 cases were related to pubs and restaurants. The concern is whether pubs will be forced to close again.

Wet pubs have only been open since last Monday. Therefore, he said, many of the COVID cases may be related to catering establishments.

He also urged the people to be vigilant and follow the COVID guidelines. If not, we will have to go back to a situation like in Dublin and Donegal. The bars there are closed again.

People need to do more to stop the spread of the virus, Dr. Ronan Glynn reminded. Nothing to say about the imposition of additional restrictions. If further action is required, it will be recommended by the NPHET on Thursday.  As in the other two counties, only the people here can avoid going under strict control.

He said there would be no vaccine, treatment or game changer for the next six months. We will have to live with COVID for the next six to nine months. This is not an easy message for people to hear. I do not believe there is an alternative strategy. But things can change – Dr. Glyn said.

Meanwhile, Dublin is still in the top spot in the COVID cases. Of the 390 Covid-19 cases reported, 209 were in Dublin. A total of 35,377 cases have now been confirmed in Ireland.

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