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Dos and Don’ts of Covid 19; couple calls for clarity in the guidelines

Wedding couples are calling for clarity in Corona virus regulations brought by the Government.

They want to be informed about the number of guests that can attend the function and about the travel across the counties.

Naoise McNally, editor of One Fab Day wedding website noted that couples have a tough time deciding things related to the function after consulting government’s living with covid plan.

Government’s road map did not give a clear idea about travel between different counties. According to her there is a discrepancy between Government’s roadmap and the guidelines issued by Fáilte Ireland on the number of guests that can attend a wedding.

“Fáilte Ireland guidelines for the hospitality sector say 50 people can attend, which is to include staff at the venue, band, etc. But the Government’s road map stipulates 50 guests. This has to be clarified quickly.”

Since tighter restrictions can be expected in Dublin in the coming days, couples living there are greatly worried. In that case they would face a hard time cancelling the marriage before the due date.

She said: “There is a significant financial burden to be considered, especially if you are planning to get married in the next three days and risk having it pulled at the last minute.

“There needs to be more clarity from a legal standpoint for couples and venues.”

Ms McNally continued: “The average Irish wedding costs €28,000.

“If couples are not given clear absolute guidelines on this they are being asked to make a devil’s choice, notwithstanding everyone’s respect for public health.”

The country is presently at level 2 in the framework for living with Covid-19. This allows for only 50 guests at a wedding and when it reaches to level 4 and 5 this would further be limited to 6 guests.

Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe has asked the people to reconsider their plan to attend weddings in the light of the latest advice. He asked how they might feel if marriage could contribute to the transmission of a disease.

Labour’s spokesperson on Climate Action, Communications Networks and Transport, Duncan Smith, said many of his constituents are confused about the new road map.

The TD for Dublin’s Fingal said a couple, with a small wedding planned outside the capital, had called him to see if it could go ahead.

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