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Draft plan for National Recovery and Resilience Plan is ready for approval; Ireland to receive €915m in COVID relief from EU

DUBLIN: A one-billion-euro action plan for Ireland’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is ready for approval. Ireland is getting €915 million in COVID relief from the European Union. The Government has formulated plans to revitalize all sectors of the country using this fund.

The draft plan must be formal assessed by the European Commission before being submitted to the Council of the European Union for approval. The process is expected to take at least two months to complete.

The draft plan, called the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, covers a number of projects, including job creation, digital infrastructure enhancement, and new green initiatives. The Government will also submit to the Commission projects to curb money laundering, health care innovation, pensions and tax planning to the Commission.

Summary of projects

The draft plan places a high priority on advancing the green transition. If the plan is approved by the EU, seven investments worth €503 million will be undertaken. Accelerating the decarbonization of the enterprise sector, upgrading waste water treatment plants, rehabilitating 33,000 hectares of peatland, and helping in the retrofit of public office spaces are all ideas.

A total of €295 million has been earmarked for improving Ireland’s digital infrastructure. Among the initiatives are efforts to improve digital literacy and skills across the entire educational system. It will also include a shared government data centre, which would allow all departments and agencies to securely share data, reducing administrative delays. There are also plans to improve health-care services, including investment in ePharmacy solutions.

A total of €181 million will be spent this year on social and economic recovery and job creation. These include additional education courses, work placement experience programmes and cash injections for the nation’s Technological Universities.

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