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Dublin City council recorded downfall in the number of families at emergency accommodations

Latest figures show that there is a considerable decrease in the number of families who made use of the emergency accommodation in Dublin during August.

This is recorded as the lowest number since 2016 August.

There is also a small decrease in the number while comparing it with the numbers from July, 862 families were there in the emergency accommodation during July, the Dublin City council said.

At the same time 1201 was the figure during January, 2020.

Only 302 families were there in the hotels during the end of August, which is low from that of July.

 Department of Housing’s figures shows that nationwide there were 8728 people in emergency accommodation in July and 8702 in August.

Brendan Kenny Dublin City Council Deputy Chief Executive said “While the reduction in numbers is always very welcome, we fully accept that there are still far too many families in emergency accommodation, including hotels.”

He said that they are very conscious of the challenge that still exists on homelessness in the Dublin area.

The council also said that there are complexities regarding the accommodation of single adults, and their number keeps on rising as well.

“In recent months, we have successfully sourced a significant amount of additional emergency accommodation to cater for the increasing demand, whilst also keeping an eye on the upcoming winter period,” added Kenny.

“During the winter period numbers amongst single adults are likely to increase. This is a trend that we are always aware of, and we prepare for it throughout the year,” he said.

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive will soon publish its annual cold weather strategy.

Following the publication of the Department of Housing’s August figures, charities have warned of a drop in recent figures after the government lifted a moratorium on evictions and rent freezes.

Meanwhile the Inner City Helping Homeless welcomed the minor shortcomings but added that they were not too exciting.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of homeless adults and the overall Dublin figure is back on the rise. We saw considerable reductions in figures whilst the eviction ban was in place and that trended, as soon as it was lifted, we see increases.” Inner City Helping Homeless CEO Anthony Flynn said.

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