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Europe is in extreme heat, many countries in the grip of a heat wave

Brussels: Meteorologists say that all European countries are in the grip of a heat wave. The rising temperatures have scorched all of Europe’s major cities. The temperature is expected to rise even further. Meteorologists have advised everyone to exercise extreme caution because humans and pets may become dehydrated.

The heat wave called Cerberus from the south is frying Europe. The extreme heat is affecting all of Europe’s major cities and capitals. It is reported that even pet dogs are brought to the beach because they cannot bear the heat. Because they can’t stand the heat, city dwellers are seeking shade and coolness.

Temperatures in all Mediterranean tourist destinations exceed 40 degrees. Warnings have been issued that it will be even hotter next week. The Acropolis of Athens has been closed for two days due to the scorching heat.

Burning Italy….

Fifteen cities in the centre and south of Italy issued a strong warning for a heat wave. The elderly, disabled, children, and other vulnerable groups should exercise extreme caution. The temperature is expected to reach 38 to 40 degrees in Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia, and the high tourism centres of Bologna, Florence, and Rome. The temperature in the capital, Rome, on Saturday will be 35. On Tuesday, temperatures are expected to reach 42 degrees.
Some Italians brought their pets to Woof Beach near Rome after they couldn’t stand the heat. 150 dogs have a chance to cool off here.

The Acropolis monument has been closed.

After the temperature in Greece’s capital city of Athens was forecast to reach 41 degrees, the Acropolis monument was closed from noon to 5.30 p.m.

Wildfires in Spain

The temperature in Spain’s Canary Islands did not rise significantly. However, due to the forest fire, approximately 500 people were evacuated from the island of La Palma. More people are expected to be evacuated, according to officials.

Even Turkey’s coasts are burning.

Even coastal cities in Turkey’s south and southwest are becoming warmer. The temperature ranges from 30 to 40 degrees. Antalya, a popular tourist destination, has a temperature of 44 degrees. According to the state news agency, 48 people were admitted to the hospital due to heat stroke in the northwestern cities of Edirne, Kırklareli, and Tekirdag. The wave started to hit. Only 41 percent of the water is here.

Northern European countries are also feeling the heat.

Due to the extreme heat, Northern European countries are also scorching. After the temperature reached 35 degrees, the Polish government advised the elderly and children to stay indoors. It also reminded people to drink plenty of water. Temporary hose fountains were set up in Warsaw’s city centre and other locations for people and their pets. The police warned people not to leave their pets alone.

Israel’s Prime Minister is hospitalised.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted to the hospital on Saturday due to dehydration, causing the weekly cabinet meeting to be postponed.

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