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Europol’s most wanted criminal spotted in Dublin

The young man on Europol’s most wanted criminal list was last seen in Dublin.

Hamid Nour Eddine G Ibrahim, one of Europol’s 57 new most wanted people, was last seen in Dublin. He is accused of killing Sylvana Muscat (36), of St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, in 2015, Maltese police said.

Europol has added 57 new people to its Most Wanted list to catch criminals who wander within the society without being caught.

The new list was released by the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Team (ENFAST) with the active support of Europol.

Europol said all members of ENFAST are specially trained in locating offenders convicted of suspicious or serious crimes and subject to European arrest warrants.

A Europol spokesman said Muscat was found dead in his bedroom on March 11, 2015, in an apartment in St Paul’s Bay. Investigators found that Muscat’s ex-partner, Hamid Nour Eddin, a former accomplice, had stabbed the woman to death inside the same apartment.

Police found the body on the day of the murder. Five wounds were recorded on the woman’s body post-mortem.

Reports said that two hours before the body was found, Ibrahim escaped to the Maltese islands and boarded a flight to Italy.

However, credible sources told Maltese police that he had been spotted in Dublin a month later. He has not been reported anywhere since.

A European arrest warrant and an international arrest warrant have been issued for his arrest.

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