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Farewell to uncertainty and concerns; Post-Brexit trade deal could be reached today

DUBLIN: Britain and the European Union are reaching a Brexit deal after a long period of uncertainty. It was after an agreement was reached on the fisheries sector that the hope that an agreement could be reached today was reflected.

The European Union (EU) has announced that it will transfer 25% of the value of fish caught by EU boats in UK waters to British fishermen. It is learned that this provision has been accepted by the UK. The final decision has been taken at 7 am today. The leaders are expected to announce the full details of the deal at a press conference at 8 pm.

The provisional application will have to be implemented as the MEPs have expired for formal approval of the contract. It needs to be accepted by both sides. Getting provisional application over the line has its own procedural obligations.

With the agreement in place, EU member states will have to sign a new trade agreement with the UK from January 1. The European Commission (EU) has instructed member states to convene a meeting of EU countries as soon as an agreement is reached. The European Council, which represents the member states of Brussels, has begun preparations to enable the provisional application to ensure speedy implementation of the agreement.

EU sources said they are optimistic that a final decision on the Brexit deal would be made today. The source said the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and Boris Johnson, the British prime minister are in the final stages of finalising the agreement. The Commission President has shared details of the deal with EU leaders. “There’s a very strong push to get it done before Christmas”, the source said.

The dispute over fishing lasted until the very end, but the agreement was almost reached on the issue. Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the remaining disputes over fishing rights could be resolved soon and there would be a turning point today. A no-deal is a matter of great concern to the fishing community in Ireland. An agreement that creates stability for this industry into the future must be reached. Fisheries are not only an economic problem but also a concern for the sustainability and protection of many communities based in the European region – Taoiseach said.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has said that he hopes a Brexit deal can be reached today. “My sense is whatever the outcome of that we have to continue good collaboration with the UK,” he said.

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