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FIFA with historic decision; Maternity leave for female players

Zurich: FIFA has made a historic decision for the welfare of women footballers. FIFA Council approves decision to give women players at least 14 weeks maternity leave. Leave is at least eight weeks after delivery.

It was suggested that the club should provide the necessary support to re-prepare the players after the holidays.

The players are the stars in the game and they are the most important part of the game. We need to make sure we have a platform for them to shine. When it comes to women players, they need to bring more consistency in their careers. For example, if they need to take maternity leave, they do not have to worry, FIFA President Gianni Infantino made this clear in a Twitter video.

FIFA added that not even a single female player should never suffer from any kind of defects in the name of pregnancy.

At the same time, FIFA is developing new rules that will help train coaches’ job security. The FIFA Club World Cup 2021 will be held in Japan in the current format with seven teams.

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