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Finally the policy is clear; There may not be a trade agreement after Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hinted that there may not be a trade deal with the European Union in the end.

Boris Johnson said talks on a trade deal with the European Union after Brexit could fail and that people should take precautions during the transition period.

At the same time, EU Commission President Ursula von Der Lane said the post-Brexit trade deal was difficult. Therefore, EU top officials said they were examining the details of the no-deal.

The EU Commission is preparing to enact emergency legislation to move cargo to the UK after Brussels talks with Boris Johnson failed yesterday.

Meanwhile, the final negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal will take place over the weekend.

At the same time, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, speaking in Brussels, responded that the agreement could only be implemented. It makes a lot of sense to get a trade deal, but he is aware of the practical impediments to it. However, he said such a turnaround was not expected.

Clear views of the agreement can only be implemented through lengthy negotiations. Again, Michael Martin made it clear that the issues between the two sides should be resolved through discussion.

At the same time, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan L‌fven responded that it was unfortunate that no progress had been made in the talks in recent times.

Lithuania’s President Gitanos Nousida has called on the European Union (EU) to implement the no – deal from January 1.

At the same time, by the end of December, the European Union (EU) has suggested that alternative arrangements be made when the current arrangements expire.

One of Ursula von der Lane’s proposals was to allow fishing boats from the European Union to fish in UK waters next year.

However, the UK has taken the position that control of UK waters is theirs. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said that as an independent coastal nation, fishing boats and vessels from Europe would not be allowed into UK waters.

He added that the UK would closely monitor EU-recommended mini-deals unless a trade agreement was reached after Brexit.

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