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Gino Kenny notified the need of a referendum for Dying with Dignity bill

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny warned about the need to have a referendum for his Dying with Dignity bill.

Dáil has voted to allow the Bill move to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice. The legislation provides for people with progressive terminal illness to decide the timing of their own death and avail of assistance to end their lives under controlled and monitored circumstances.

Mr.Kenny said the bill will move to the committee in the next four- six weeks and there will be witnesses from the medical side, the legal side and the patient side.

It will take almost four to six months for the report to be generated. He said that the outcome of the examination is unclear.

 “There could be a scenario where this never sees the light of day and gathers dust but, because of the cross-party support so far, I think that is unlikely.”

He said the committee report could also call for a referendum or citizens’ assembly.

The medical professionals have raised their voice against the legislation. Some 17 consultants and professors earlier this week wrote a letter co-signed by members of the Irish Palliative Medicine Consultants’ Association,  to a newspaper, conveying their concerns over the subject.

They are  worried about people who think about themselves as a burden to their families and come under pressure to end their lives prematurely.

They don’t see any need to change the current laws in Ireland, as dying with dignity is already present within healthcare here.

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