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Government Campaign on Referendum Issues Lacks Clarity, Leaving the Public Clueless..

Dublin: With the upcoming referendums on Friday, March 8, drawing near, recent opinion polls indicate widespread confusion among the general public regarding the proposed amendments. Despite extensive government-sponsored campaigns advocating for a “Yes” vote, various demographic groups, including young people, young women, and the elderly, remain uncertain about the referendum’s implications.

The results of the Grafton Street public opinion polls conducted on March 1 and 2 underscore the prevailing ambiguity surrounding the referendum amendments. Despite the government’s efforts, many voters express confusion and frustration, exacerbated by delays in receiving information booklets from the Election Commission.

According to the polls, more than one-third of voters admit to being unsure about how to cast their ballots, reflecting a broader sense of uncertainty among the electorate. Many attribute this confusion to a lack of clear conceptual understanding, emphasising the need for more robust public discourse and debate on matters concerning family and care.

Elderly voters, particularly those affected by the proposed Care Amendment, voice concerns about the amendment’s complexity and its implications for their rights and welfare. Similarly, carers express dissatisfaction with what they perceive as a weak amendment and criticise the government’s failure to address the needs of disabled individuals adequately.

Furthermore, the polls highlight a reliance on social media and political leaders’ interpretations among young voters, indicating a gap in information dissemination and comprehension among this demographic.
A significant majority of voters reject the government’s approach of leaving terms like “durable relationships” open to court interpretation, underscoring the need for greater clarity and specificity in the proposed amendments.

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