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Government has failed to understand people’s will and needs; Sinn Fein leader sharply criticizes the new budget

DUBLIN: Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of the main opposition Sinn Fein, has sharply criticized the 2021 budget. The Sinn Fein leader responded on Twitter that the new budget was the latest example of the ruling party’s failure to understand the will of the people and their needs.

There will be no benefit to the common man from this budget other than the incentive of crores of rupees. The budget says nothing for the millions of tenants or for resolving the housing crisis.

Health sector has not been given much consideration either. The government has not decided whether to bring back the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) or to make up the shortfall in the seven wage subsidies. The government has not been able to see everyone together – said Mary Lou McDonald.

At the convention center on Tuesday, the party’s finance spokesman, Pearse Doherty, described the government’s budget as “out of touch.” McDonald’s criticize was as a continuation of this.

Doherty also unveiled Sinn Fein’s alternative budget on Friday, which includes proposals to increase the capacity of hospital beds and restore slashed pandemic welfare payments. Doherty also accused the health budget of undermining patients and health workers.

But the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has denied Sinn Fein’s criticism. Sinn Fein has been against all major financial decisions for the past several years. That is what led our country to borrow huge sums, he said.

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