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Government scheme to ensure living wage to all workers in Ireland

DUBLIN: The government plans to provide living wages for all workers in Ireland. Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has hinted at the government’s plans to increase the living wage. Leo Varadkar said he was considering converting the Low Pay Commission into a Living Wages Commission.

The move is seen as part of the government’s efforts to bring in stagnant trade union leaders. Senior members of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions recently walked out of the Low Pay Commission.

Other members also proposed a 10% increase in the national minimum wage. This proposal was later approved by the Commission. It was also decided to raise the minimum wage to €10.20 per hour on January 1. But the current rate recommended by social justice groups for living wages is €11.50 per hour.

There are living wage in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But this is much lower than the national minimum wage. But Mr. Leo Varadkar made it clear that Ireland does not want to follow that model. That is why they are looking for ways to turn the Low Pay Commission into a Living Wage Commission.

It wants a commission to be in place during the tenure of this government to collect data, conduct research and advice on fair pay based on independent evidence. Varadkar said he welcomes the views from any colleagues in the House in this regard.

Laura Bambrick of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, welcomed the move. “The national minimum wage is dead, long live the living wage,” she tweeted.

“The Irish Congress of Trade Unions had expected this announcement yesterday as the sugar to sweeten the bitter pill of government accepting the Low Pay Commission miserly 10 cent increase recommendation,” she added.

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