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“Green Party to Collaborate with Sinn Féin”, But must Prioritise an environmentally friendly programme

Cork: Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, speaking at the Green Party’s annual convention in Cork, has left the door open for the possibility of his party joining a coalition led by Sinn Féin. The Green Party’s key criterion for such a decision would be the ability of the government they are a part of to negotiate and implement an environmentally friendly programme.

Ryan emphasised his party’s eagerness to be part of the government once again and expressed a willingness to collaborate with all political parties to achieve this goal. When questioned by reporters about the prospect of returning to government after the upcoming general election and the possibility of forming an alliance with Sinn Féin, Ryan stated, “This decade is the time for action, and we think it is historically important to make a difference in this decade.”

He further elaborated, “So, yes, I think we should be prepared to work with all parties. But, to be honest, we have to remember that Sinn Féin has not been very interested in protecting the environment up to this point. If Sinn Féin can form a government, we will sit with them and try to make it happen.”

The Green Party, which secured 12 seats in the 2020 general election, is currently part of a coalition government with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. However, the party has experienced a decline in its voter ratings in recent years. Nevertheless, Ryan expressed confidence that his party would perform well in the upcoming local elections scheduled for next year.

The Israel-Hamas war: Green’s position

“The horrifying events in Gaza deeply shocked and appalled the global community. Our initial response should be to unequivocally condemn the tragic loss of Israeli lives two weeks ago. This was an abhorrent act of the utmost severity, particularly considering the historical suffering of the Jewish people, marked by expulsion, persecution, anti-Semitism, and genocide spanning centuries. There can be no justification for the targeting of innocent civilians, and such actions hold no potential for any positive outcomes.

Simultaneously, we must also denounce the actions of Hamas. It is crucial to recognise that, unless the rights of the Palestinian people are addressed, lasting peace will remain elusive,” Ryan emphasised.

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