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Green passports in Ireland by September? Delays in implementation may miss the tourism season

DUBLIN: Tourism season in EU countries, including Ireland, may be delayed due to delays in the implementation of green passports. It is also pointed out that this delay is due to the inadequacy of technical facilities.

The plan was to grant vaccine passports to those who received the COVID-19 vaccine in order to revive the tourism and travel sectors in the EU. However, due to the lack of technical facilities, countries including Ireland and Germany have decided to extend it as much as possible. This would probably lead to the loss of this tourism season.

However, the EU countries finally agreed to implement the green passport by mid-July. But it is expected to go into effect in Ireland by September.

Ireland’s stance was that a vaccine passport was only needed after the summer. The European Parliament has now decided to introduce the Vaccine Passport Scheme, which will include information about whether the person was vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, as well as a negative result. Digital green certificates will allow people to travel across the EU if they have been fully vaccinated.

Green passports will be available in the EU by July

The Green Passports will be implemented by ensuring data protection and civil liberties. The certificates will be discussed by the European Parliament in the coming weeks. The European Union is expected to sign the law in early June. EU member states will be allowed a grace period of six weeks to introduce new passports.

Once this becomes law, EU countries will be required to accept certificates from international travellers. It is hoped that passengers will be exempted from quarantine if they produce a digital green certificate.

There are indications that the digital green certificate may have an impact on Ireland’s mandatory quarantine law. People who have been fully vaccinated and are coming from high-risk states may be exempted from the mandatory hotel quarantine and allowed to quarantine at home instead.

Green passports in Ireland by September?

COVID passport is expected to be available in Ireland by September. Germany has also sought more time in this regard due to concerns about implementation in all states. Countries including Germany and Ireland requested a three-month extension. So there is concern that the tourism sector will miss a tourism season.

The lack of technical facilities is considered to be an obstacle to the implementation of the vaccine passport in Ireland. The main problem is that there is no system in place to find people who have been vaccinated. That is why the government has decided to delay the implementation of vaccine passports.

The Irish government explains that the government’s vigilance over travel-quarantine laws is delaying the implementation of the Green Passport scheme.

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