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Green to Democrats Hazel Chu hasn’t ruled out the possibilities

Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has not refused the possibilities to join the Social Democrats following reports that she has been continuously approached by the party.

She is the currently the Green Party’s Chairperson. She said that she doesn’t have the plans to join the party in the near future and also said that she will wait and see how things goes.

The confusions and discussions around Chu’s withdrawal from the Green happened in the context of a meeting she had with Social Democrat TD Gary Gannon.

Sunday Independent yesterday wrote about this meeting of Chu. The newspaper reported that Social Democrat TD came to meet Chu to discuss about the on going Covid restrictions, because there are chances that she might shift from Green to the Democrats.

As discussions and reports going on one side Chu said to the PA news agency that she is not planning for a shift in the near future. “For the forseeable future no, I think I have a job to do. The chain around my neck is nice and heavy for that reason, it keeps me in my place,” she said.

“We will see how it goes in the future.” She added.

Chu was chosen to Dublin City Council in last year’s local elections. She is the nineth woman to become the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

She became the first Green Party councilor to be elected in the 2019 local elections to Pembroke’s ward, topping the polls with 4,000 first-preference votes.

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