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HSE provides emergency assistance to five nursing homes

The HSE said it had provided excellent support and emergency assistance to five nursing homes in Ireland where Covid was severely affected.

HSE has included five nursing homes in Red zones of Ireland’s health service traffic light system, depending on the extent of the Covid spread.

Meanwhile, 35 residential care facilities that provide HSE support are included in the Amber zone.

The number of ‘Red’ nursing homes in Ireland has risen from one to five in the last two weeks of the second wave of Covid.

The assessment is that the spread of the disease in these nursing homes is extremely serious and the employees are under great stress. In addition, there are reports of PPE deficiency and the inability to control the virus. Following this, emergency assistance was provided.

The National Director of HSE Acute Hospital said that in the wake of the Covid expansion, it is ensuring better support for most nursing homes in the country.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Paul Reid said all nursing homes in the country are under HSE supervision. At the same time, it is reported that half of Covid deaths in Ireland so far have been in nursing homes.

Therefore, it is essential to control the spread of the disease in nursing homes. Otherwise, the Department of Health is concerned that Covid deaths could rise again.

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