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Immunologist warn asymptomatic Covid patients are increasing in Ireland

DUBLIN: Warning that many people are being infected with Covid-19 without realising it as they are asymptomatic. Professor Cliona O’Farrelly said there are currently “huge amounts” of asymptomatic Covid sufferers in the community.

It comes as more than 800 people are in Irish hospitals with Covid-19 for the first time since April. As of this morning, there were 812 Covid patients in the hospital, an increase of 14 at the same time yesterday. Of these, 32 patients are in intensive care units.

Prof Cliona O’Farrelly said people who have never been infected with the virus may have innate immune systems, and there are many who have been careful and managed not to contract it.

Professor said that as many people have been vaccinated now it is harder to determine whether this is the reason that they have not been infected or whether it is their natural immunity.

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