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In Ireland, expect a minimal cabinet reshuffle when Varadkar takes charge next weekend

Dublin: There are indications that Prime Minister-designate Leo Varadkar is preparing for a cabinet reshuffle. The Deputy Prime Minister had already mentioned it in December. Varadkar demanded that TDs confirm that they would run in the next election if they were given positions in the reshuffle. This move has worried those who will not contest the next term.

Party leaders interpret this as evidence that Varadkar wishes to exclude some cabinet members. However, it is unclear who they will be. Varadkar recently proposed to cabinet members, junior ministers, and chairmen of parliamentary committees that they stay in office in a private meeting.

Varadkar is reported to have told a parliamentary party meeting that the reorganisation could be boring. On the 17th, Varadkar will take over as prime minister. So Varadkar said he would think a lot about the formation of a new government in the coming days.

During the party meeting, Varadkar stated that the Fine Gael ministers had performed admirably. According to Varadkar, the current parliamentary party is the best he has ever seen. Therefore, reorganisation is very difficult. Getting everyone to participate is a difficult task. Varadkar stated that the government coalition is functioning properly. Varadkar also said that he will present a suitable programme for the government.

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