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In many places in Ireland, the people are divided and conflicted because of the refugees

Dublin: There is conflict in many places over the settlement of refugees. There is division among those who support and oppose the refugees. One group argues that it is enough to solve the problems of people, including the homeless in Ireland, while the other group says that the country’s mind is with the refugees. The protests in Fermoy and East Wall sowed discord among the residents.

The influx of new refugees into the city’s former convent sparked the protest in Fermoy. More than 70 people took part in this. Protesters demanded that the 66 international protection applicants who had arrived in the country be deported immediately.

Fermoy Centre St. Joseph’s Convent has 19 bedrooms and can accommodate 77 people. On Tuesday evening, 19 families, including 25 children and eight single women, arrived at the centre. The centre has six en-suite rooms with six beds and five additional bathrooms. Residents are provided three meals a day.

Ireland First protesters are asking why these facilities are not available to Irish homeless people. On Wednesday night, local residents blocked traffic in the Port Tunnel for the second time. Protesters point out that the various problems faced by the citizens of Ireland should be solved first, and then the problems of outsiders should be solved.

Brian Killoran, CEO of the Emigration Council, said such protests would do more harm than good by empowering those with extreme anti-immigrant sentiments waiting to take advantage of the situation. Brian Killoran has urged the government to increase its interventions to assist those seeking asylum.

At the same time, other groups have taken to the streets in support of the migrants. On Saturday, a solidarity rally will be held at a Cisctercian monks’ statue near the town’s Church of Ireland church. The Fermoy community will rally against Wednesday night’s protest, said one of the organisers, Kate O’Connell of the Fermoy and Mallow Against Racism group. Protesters are misrepresenting the town and welcoming refugees to the town. They stated.

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