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India became the second worst virus affected country in the world, as it surpassed Brazil

With more than 90,000 virus cases reported for the second day in a row, India has overtaken Brazil to become the second most covid-19 infected country in the world.

India has been witnessing the largest daily increase in corona virus cases in the world for over a month.

Experts predict that India will overtake the US, which is currently number one as the biggest explosion in the world.

There are currently more than 27 million Covid cases reported worldwide. More than half of these cases are from the US, India and Brazil. So far, 6.2M cases have been registered in the US, 4.2M cases in India and 4.14M cases in Brazil.

Several European countries, had warned that the spread of the virus would increase dramatically by the winter season. This is causing concern around the world.

While it is positive news that more than 32 million out of 42 million patients have now been discharged from the Indian hospitals, the concern does not go away as the number of patients rises daily.

In the last 24 hours, the Indian Ministry of Health has reported 90,802 cases and 1,016 deaths. This brings the total death toll in India to 71,642.

The Indian Government had imposed strict restrictions during the initial coronavirus outbreak in the country. At that time, there were few Covid cases in the country.

But despite more than two million new cases being reported in the country in the past one month, the Indian government continues to ease restrictions to revive the economy.

The metro train has resumed operations in the country’s capital from last day at a time when the virus is on the rise.

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