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Ireland and Northern Ireland Grapple with Extreme Cold as Nationwide Yellow Alert Issued

Dublin: A widespread yellow alert blankets Ireland and Northern Ireland as citizens endure freezing temperatures, causing a standstill in daily life. The alert encompasses all 26 counties of Ireland and extends until 11 a.m. today, forewarning of severe cold and inclement weather. Last night in Moore Park, Cork, temperatures plummeted to minus 6 degrees, with an average of minus five across the region.


In response to the extreme cold, health experts and agencies are emphasising the need for special precautions to safeguard infants. The Public Health Agency (PHA) is advising parents and childcare providers to prioritise the safety of babies during this frigid spell. Recommendations include using Moses baskets or cots in the bedroom, avoiding wool blankets inside baby sleeping bags, and ensuring babies are appropriately layered with clothing on chilly nights. To prevent overheating, the agency advises against keeping sheets and blankets higher than shoulder level. Collaboration with health visitors is encouraged for parents and midwives to make suitable arrangements, according to PHA.

Additional precautions outlined by the agency include refraining from sleeping with the baby on an armchair or sofa and maintaining a bedroom environment free from smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Prohibited items in the baby’s bed include pillows, loose blankets, coat bumpers, or sleep positions. Recognising that children cannot regulate their body temperature entirely, PHA emphasises the importance of maintaining a room temperature between 16 and 20 degrees, with appropriate bedding and clothing arrangements.

Hear the latest National Forecast for today and the next few days: https://x.com/MetEireann/status/1747145922578927910?s=20

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