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Ireland experiences a calm, settled warm spell of weather as ‘Indian summer’ arrives

Meteorologists have confirmed that the ‘Indian summer’ has arrived in Ireland with a calm and mild climate. Meteorologist Joanna Donnelly said that, the eastern part of the country enjoys a calm and serene climate, which is also called as ‘Indian Summer’.

Met Éireann predicted that Ireland will experience the temperature higher than average and it would last until Thursday.  

Ms. Donnelly said high pressure is ready at this time to dominate the weather in the future.

While it has been raining a little in the west, she said it needs to be settle down in the next few days and they should get a share of the good weather. She added that it would be warm to Midweek.

Although there is still another area of ​​high pressure from Thursday, it will be nice and sunny weather, she said.

Met Éireann said temperatures in all regions are 3-4 degrees above the September average. The highest temperature is in the eastern half of the country.

Met Éireann says the average high temperature this year at Phoenix Park in Dublin is usually 17C. Temperatures in Phoenix Park, Dublin, rose to 24.7 degrees today.

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