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Ireland has highest prices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in EU

DUBLIN: Ireland is the most expensive country in the European Union and the third most expensive in Europe overall when it comes to purchasing alcohol and tobacco, according to Eurostat (European Statistical Office).

The latest statistics published in the Eurostat’s Price Index show that the consumer price level of alcohol in Ireland is 180.7. This is 86.9% higher than the EU average. Romania is the cheapest country in the EU for alcohol, with a price level of 73.8.

Eurostat statistics released in June examined the prices of consumer goods and services in 2020. Prices were compared between the EU’s 27 member states and the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Norway had the highest alcohol and tobacco prices in Europe overall in 2020, followed by Iceland and Ireland. Bulgarians paid the least for alcohol among the 37 countries studied. Norwegians paid 119.7% more than the European average for booze.

First place in non-alcoholic prices

Ireland also ranks first in the EU for most expensive non-alcoholic beverages. The price here is 35% higher than the European average. Switzerland has the highest prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks in Europe. Clothing and footwear are the most expensive in Denmark.

The cost of hotel stays and food in Ireland is much higher than in 37 other countries, accounting for 23% more than the European average. Norway was the most costly country for hospitality in 2020, with restaurant and hotel costs 154% more than the EU average.

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