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Ireland into extremely cold; Met Eireann said the temperature could reach minus two

DUBLIN: The weather forecast is that it would be extremely cold in Ireland today (Monday), as the fog lasted at one to five degrees. This week will be completely cold weather. The temperature will drop to minus two degrees in the coming days, according to Met Eireann. There will be widespread fog in many parts of the country.

Met Eireann warned motorists to be very careful about presence of ice on the roads. The temperature in the capital was zero degrees Celsius yesterday evening. The fog that began yesterday continues to be strong enough to cover the sights of the city.

However in most areas, the fog will slowly clear on Monday morning, leaving a mostly dry day with sunny spells and scattered showers along the coasts throughout the day.  It’s going to be very cold with temperatures between one and five degrees, coolest where the fog lingers, in a mild northerly breeze, later becoming moderate to the northwest.

Monday night will be dry weather. There is a possibility of rain along the coast. Frequent winds from the northwest will cause the temperature to drop. The temperature may drop to minus two to two degrees.

It will rain in Ulster on Tuesday and the rest of the country, meanwhile, will experience dry weather. The temperature will rise to six or seven degrees on Tuesday afternoon due to the northwesterly winds. Experts say temperatures will drop to minus two at night.

Met Eireann says Wednesday will be a cold day with light winds. It will be mostly a dry weather. There is a possibility of rain in the coastal areas. It will rain in the south-west and west in the afternoon and will be widespread in the evening. The maximum daytime temperature is five to seven degrees. At night, the atmosphere cools down again.

Thursday will be dry weather with light westerly winds. The wind will gradually turn to the south. Later it is likely to rain from the west. It will remain quite cold with temperatures range from 7 to 10 degrees in the afternoon and 5 to 7 degrees at night.

Met Eireann says the weather will be very cold with rain during the weekend.

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