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“Ireland Sees Soaring Increase in Asylum Seekers: Cross-Border Influx on the Rise”

Dublin: In recent years, there has been a notable rise in the influx of individuals seeking asylum in Ireland. Integration data highlights a substantial increase in asylum seekers, with a significant jump from 5,096 applicants in 2017 to 26,473 in 2024.

Prominent source countries for asylum seekers include Nigeria, Georgia, and Algeria, with a substantial portion hailing from nations like Somalia, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan.

Analysing the distribution across counties, Donegal emerges with the highest refugee population, hosting 1,004 individuals. Statistics provided by the Department of Integration indicate that one out of every hundred residents in Donegal is a refugee.

Dublin, being the capital, records the highest concentration of asylum seekers, constituting a substantial portion of the overall applicant pool. In contrast, Leitrim has the lowest number of asylum seekers, with only 89 out of the 26,743 international protection applicants in the country. Mayo, Monaghan, and Wicklow also report significant numbers of asylum seekers.

Dublin draws the largest share of international protection recipients, with over 9,400 people representing 36 percent of the total applicants.

Breaking down the demographics of asylum seekers, unmarried men constitute 32 percent, while single women and children account for 11 percent and 28 percent, respectively. Noteworthy figures include 110 single men, 39 single women, 54 couples, 95 children, and 36 single parents among the applicants.

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