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Ireland’s health-care system is deteriorating

Dublin: Reports indicate that Ireland’s health-care system is deteriorating. With only a few weeks till the start of winter, hospitals are at capacity.

The wait for a doctor has increased to at least 24 hours a day, including at Tallaght University Hospital. Most hospitals in the country are plagued with diseases such as COVID and flu.

Doctors are required to work up to 80 hours a week, with cases of working up to 24 hours continuously being reported. Every year, only about 750 doctors graduate in the country. Local doctors, meanwhile, are tired of the burden in Ireland and are leaving for other countries. It is believed that approximately 60% of doctors who finished their studies last year have already gone to Australia.

Foreign nurses make up a sizable proportion of the nursing workforce in Ireland. They are also controlled by local management and the HSE. Long working hours and overpopulation damage the family system. The reduction in the number of nurses migrating to Ireland from countries such as the Philippines in recent years has been related to the health sector’s uncertainty in Ireland.

When the number of people waiting for a doctor’s visit reaches lakhs, the waiting list for new flu and covid patients grows longer.

The situation in Tallaght is pathetic.

Tallaght Hospital is addressing “crowding” by offering basic facilities for individuals who come to see a doctor in an emergency, or even to “sleep.”

Richie Elliott, who was brought to the hospital after a workplace mishap, was able to visit a doctor 24 hours later, according to his Tweet. “There were probably 200 people on chairs and on the floor when I arrived.” “They could have waited up to 24 hours,” he claims.

“I arrived at Tallaght Hospital on Wednesday night at 7 p.m., went to reception, provided my information, and then had to wait eight hours just to see a nurse.” We were then advised to return and wait. We had to wait another eight hours for the results of our blood tests.

After that, we are still in the waiting area to see another junior doctor to see if we should stay in this hospital or see another specialist. “There has literally been no treatment for 24 hours,” Richie told the media on Thursday evening.

The HSE and the hospital have not started trying to solve the problems till now. It was confirmed that the emergency department was overcrowded and the hospital’s full capacity protocol had been activated.

Discharge from the hospital continues to be a challenge. One reason for the bed shortage is the delay in sending elderly patients, both with and without family support, to homecare packages or nursing facilities following hospitalisation. The hospital administration is also responsible for the safe release of elderly patients who do not have family support. Tallaght Hospital has been allocated 72 new single beds, although they remain on paper.

There is widespread dissatisfaction that the country’s health system is still operating without a solid strategy and scheme. Billions of dollars have been set aside for repairs and the hiring of additional employees. Let us wait and see if all of this is implemented.

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