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Irish MEP Mike Wallace praises China, sharply criticises India and PM Modi

Mike Wallace, a left-wing member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland, sharply criticised the Indian Prime Minister and praised China. Wallace called Modi a “nasty piece of work” and a “far-rightwing racist”. He slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a virtual summit attended by leaders of the 27 EU-member states on Saturday.

As the two largest democracies in the world, Mike Wallace said the EU and India have a common interest in ensuring security, prosperity and sustainable development.

Wallace also released a video of himself speaking in the European Parliament on this matter. He shared a video of the debate in the European Parliament on April 28.

Wallace said in his video, “I too favour a strong relationship between the EU and India. But not as a geopolitical tool to challenge the rise of China in the region and the world… that’s exactly what the Americans want to do when it comes to India. I would like to see the EU play a different role, an independent role and have a healthy relationship with India…”

“Modi is a far-rightwing racist”

“The truth is that Modi is a far-rightwing racist. He’s a nasty piece of work. But that doesn’t stop us from actually engaging with India. Hopefully he (Modi) won’t be there for ever,” Wallace said.

Wallace criticised the notion that India could be used as a “vehicle” to stop China. “As If China was the baddie and India was the goodie is absolute nonsense. The human rights record in India is much worse than it is in China: There is no comparison,” he said.

China has performed miracles in poverty alleviation

Wallace says China has performed “miracles” in poverty alleviation. If India and China were to be compared, he said, “look at how both of them have dealt with COVID”.

He tweeted, “#EU is prepared to use #India as Geopolitical tool against #China at #US bidding – says we’ve ‘Shared Values’ with India where #Modi wants to force dependency on hundreds of millions of farmers to benefit Billionaires, while China surpasses us in most index of Human Progress.”

Wallace has praised China previously

The member of the European Parliament has praised China previously. Last week, he advised the European Union to negotiate with China rather than being “led along by the nose by the Americans” into a confrontation with Beijing.

“China is a normal country that has worked miracles for its people… China is a world leader on climate change mitigation strategies. China has had one of the best COVID strategies on Earth, at home and helping others. China is building all kinds of infrastructure and public services projects that we could only dream about here,” Wallace said. He added that China’s progress came “while not invading, or bombing or sanctioning any countries to death”.

Wallace previously said that EU countries were quick to accuse China and Iran of human rights violations, but would not discuss “genocide” committed by the UAE and Saudi Arabia during Yemen’s civil war.

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