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Irish Water reminds people to conserve water to ensure supply in late summer and autumn

DUBLIN: Irish Water is reminding people to use water carefully, considering the risk of water shortages in the country. The water utility company said the precaution is to ensure water supply everywhere in late summer and autumn.

The majority of Irish Water’s 750 water treatment plants continue to meet demand for water supply. The number of supplies that are being impacted by drought is also increasing.

Irish Water is implementing measures to ensure water supply in 37 supplies across the country, but there has been no impact on customers. However, there are some areas where overnight restrictions are in place, including parts of West Cork, Kerry, and Galway.

Irish Water’s Head of Asset Operations, Tom Cuddy, said, “We would like to thank the public for their support in conserving water to date and remind everyone to continue to take some simple steps to reduce their usage.”

“By reducing our water use, for example turning off the hose and avoiding power washing, we can all help to avoid further restrictions and ensure there is enough water for homes and businesses, agriculture, fisheries and essential amenities.”

Irish Water has developed a conservation calculator to help the public know how much water is available. The calculator is available on the Irish Water website: https://www.water.ie/conservation/home/water-conservation-calculator/index.xml

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