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Justice Minister says UK’s violation of international law will be a serious challenge to Ireland

It will create a very challenging situation for Ireland. The Justice Minister said it would be a shock if the UK withdrew from the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Helen McEntee made the remarks when asked about the UK government’s Internal Market Bill, which repeals relevant parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement signed with the European Union last year.

They explained that the NI Protocol was designed as part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to prevent the return of the hard border on the island of Ireland. One solution to this problem is to keep Northern Ireland in a single market, unlike other parts of the UK. It should also create new tests for trade across the Irish Sea.

Discussions are underway between the UK and the European Union on how to implement these tests. While the UK has not made it clear that it will not approve these inspections, UK ministers will have the power to override them if the Internal Market Bill is implemented. This would be a violation of an international agreement – McEntee said.

Speaking at the Justice Committee, Minister McEntee said the UK was committed to further scrutiny with Northern Ireland in line with the EU’s single market protection protocol.

A certain amount of goods from the UK via Northern Ireland and the South are already being inspected. Even if it is implemented, it will not change. She said the NI protocol needs additional testing to ensure the integrity of a single market.

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